DIY Made at home FLOAM

DIY Floam Do your kids love playing with Floam, but you hat playing the high cost?? Here is a fun do it yourself recipe to make it at home your kids will love! Make sure to post fun recipes that you have or any suggestions to make the recipe better. materials 2 tsp. borax 3/4 […]

Cute Valentine’s Day Sayings

At my sons school – they do not allow candy treats to be given out.  So I have to find fun ways to give Valentines without using candy. Here are a few that I have found. I would love to hear your ideas. These sayings paired with candy, a small toy or little gift would make […]

Valentine Paper Chain

I was play a game with my son tonight and we were building paper chains.  I wanted to make hearts for valentines day and I was so excited to figure it out! I know it is not rocket science but it was fun figuring it out and then watching my son, make the chain.  He […]

Using my Noodle

I was searching the internet looking for some fun new ideas for my son’s room that is currently designed as a sea room.  When I ran across an idea at  I was so excited, not only is it an inexpensive idea, it looked like tons of fun and easy.  I am going to add […]

Handmade Purse

PURSE FUN About a year ago, my neighbor knocked on my door and handed me a bunch of papers, upon closer inspection I realized she had handed me a step by step tutorial on how to make the most darling purse I had ever seen. My first reaction was to laugh hand her the papers […]

Turkey Fruit Gobbler

Allow you kids to help you slide on the grapes, olives, cheese and marshmallows.  This makes a fun family project that is fun to eat afterwards. Materials Bosc pear (head) Melon or Squash (body) Cheese (beak and tail feathers) Red, Yellow and Orange peppers (snood, feet and side      feathers) Raisins (eyes) Grapes (tail feathers) […]

Mini Votive Candle Pumpkins

Mini Pumpkins Tweet I am having so much fun this fall/harvest season. I enjoy finding ways to be creative. The newest creations I have to share are mini pumpkin candles! It was a very simple process, and I love how they turned out! I drilled the top out of the pumpkin and placed a votive […]

Halloween Broomsticks

Small Table Decoration Halloween Yarn Broomsticks Here is a quick and easy table decoration for your Halloween dinner party! These simple sweet little broomsticks will adorn your plates for your Halloween dinner. They would also be cute tied in a bunch as a centerpiece or fastened to an outdoor wreath. I was able to put […]

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Family Fun Skeleton Scavenger Hunt For a fun family game or a hauntingly good game at your next Halloween party, try our skeleton scavenger hunt. Materials From a dollar store or a discount retailer get a large      cardboard or plastic skeleton decoration. (With moveable limbs) Long sheet of paper butcher paper Black Marker Tape […]

Skeleton Bones Relay Race

Are you in need of a fun family game? A game to play at preschool, even at school? Here is a fun relay race that will keep your little ones entertained for hours.  I allowed my 5 year old to cut out all the pieces and then with his friends play the game.  The had […]


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