St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn Treat

Here is a fun and inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day popcorn treat that my family devours and looks forward to on this fun green day! We love getting up and dressed for St. Patrick’s Day, the kids love the silly fun that this day brings. We usually plan for a green dinner, and my kids love […]

Creamy Orange-Banana Smoothies

My daughter attended an activity last weekend at our church. They had so many fun things for the girls to do, she had so much fun. I appreciate all the planning, time and effort that went into such a great event. One of the activities was about eating healthy, and they made a smoothie for the girls. […]

Christmas Gift Idea – Sparkling New Year

Here is a fun Christmas gift that won’t break the bank – Download the word document under the downloads tab.     Sparkling New Year 2012

Lemon Chex Mix

Lemon Chex Mix Here is a fun recipe that we made yesterday. It is simple, makes a lot, and is very yummy!! After mixing it up we waited for it to cool then filled sandwich baggies, attached a note some ribbon, and then delivered to all the neighbors. We are so lucky to have such […]

Practical Homemade Powdered Milk

Powdered Milk In my continued efforts to save money, I’ve decided to give powdered milk a try. Now I would never consider telling my family that we were going to be using powdered milk, I would never hear the end of it. I had spent some time in the months before hand researching different brands […]

Turkey Fruit Gobbler

Allow you kids to help you slide on the grapes, olives, cheese and marshmallows.  This makes a fun family project that is fun to eat afterwards. Materials Bosc pear (head) Melon or Squash (body) Cheese (beak and tail feathers) Red, Yellow and Orange peppers (snood, feet and side      feathers) Raisins (eyes) Grapes (tail feathers) […]

Pizza Mummies

Pizza Mummies   Kids costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Surprise your family with these dressed-up, spooky-looking snacks any time of year. Kids can help by spooning the pizza sauce on the English muffin and making the mummy face with the cheese and vegetables. Ingredients Pizza sauce Black olives Green Onions or Peppers Mozzarella Cheese Biscuits […]


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