LeGo PaRtY!!

My son turned 7 this year, he loves Lego’s, so it was no surprise that he wanted to invite his friends over for a Lego party. I started making plans, organizing games, buying Lego sets, and planning out all the food, goodie bags, invitations, thank you notes, etc.

I was planning on ordering the cake from the local bakery when my sweet boy asked if I could make him a Lego cake….after laughing for a minute I realized he was serious! I don’t even know how to use frosting tips…this is going to be interesting i thought…but it turned out better that I had imagined!

Here is a video showing you our  Lego party, he was one happy little boy, the day turned out perfect. I hope you have as much fun at your Lego party as we did.

PS. Most if not all the Lego games, candy, goodie bags, etc., I was able to buy on Amazon. I seriously love Amazon, especially because I have a very active 2-year-old that does not enjoy shopping!



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