Meet Shalyn & Tina

With a name like Practically Amazing — the contents of our websites will not come as a shock to you. We are truly devoted to living every facet of our lives practically, and we want to show you just how we do it, so grab a drink and enjoy the tid bits of our practically amazing life!

Our passion, simply put, is to live practically. In our sites we will share with you many money saving tips, ideas, recipes, reviews, and stories of our family and life. So let’s begin by introducing ourselves….

We are sisters, we come from a family of eight children, and we are both married with our own families. Between the two of us we have 9 kids that range in age from 22 to 2, so between the two of us we have been though many different stages of raising children. We grew up in sunny San Diego, where we gained our love of family, the love of the sunshine and a love of the beach (there is nothing quite like putting your toes in the sand or a bonfire at the beach)!

Our sweet father made sure we knew how important our family was, and through all of our siblings getting married and having their own families we are still a very close family, and still understand the roll of family in our life. We will be forever grateful for the strong example our father was to us, and we both hope to instill in our children the same love of family.

We love to learn and try new things, we can’t resist a good DIY project, we love living naturally, eating out of our gardens, playing with and teaching our children, and preparing for a rainy day.

If you have more questions, ideas, or simply don’t find what you’re looking for — please contact us and we will do all we can to help! If you like what you see here on our websites, make sure you subscribe via RSS feeder link, e-mail, facebook or pintrest that way you’ll never miss any of our projects, ideas, recipes, remedies or tips!

So as you browse through our websites, we hope you find what you’re looking for, and we hope you feel motivated and inspired to take the next step to make your life as Practically Amazing as we have made ours!


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